Custom Compounding

As a custom compounder, MYTEX Polymers utilizes only the most advanced equipment, processes and people to create products to meet demanding specifications. The manufacturing process has just as much to do with the success of the end product as the ingredients that go into the formula. MYTEX leverages the global experience of compounding know-how that ensures the desired product is created as designed with the batch-to-batch, lot-to-lot consistency that has delighted customers and continues to gain MYTEX industry awards for quality.

With fully accredited laboratories and access to a limitless palette of raw materials, MYTEX’s technical engineering personnel can design and deliver custom-formulated materials over a wide range of applications. Our commitment to quality begins with the use of closely monitored feedstocks and additives. Whether on the molecular level or in terms of proven capabilities and satisfied clients, few companies can match our experience with resin technologies or our track record for delivering quality and value for our customers.

MYTEX Polymers compounds high-performance engineered polyolefin materials for a wide variety of applications. We develop, test and manufacture polymer solutions that are used in everything from automotive parts (both exterior and interior) to household appliances; from recreational vehicles and industrial equipment to specialty packaging. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Company, we have something most of our competitors can only dream of – access to the expertise, research & development support, and resources of one of the world’s largest and most successful chemical companies. With a strong record of proven performance, our company sets the standard for quality, innovation, consistency and cost-efficiency. For performance applications spanning multiple polymer processes in diverse market segments, demanding clients around the world choose MYTEX Polymers for the following reasons:


  • Access to one of the broadest polyolefin product portfolios in the industry
  • “Cradle to Grave” program support
  • Assistance in translating product success cross-continent
  • Technical partner with compounding product innovation for:
    • Injection molding
    • Profile & sheet extrusion
    • Thermoforming
    • Blow molding
    • Advanced additives & modifiers
    • Weight & cost reduction


  • Global manufacturing footprint
  • Local supply and support
  • Technical expertise
  • Proven track record of innovation
  • Strong, stable parent organization
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Commitment to quality