The management of MPCI (Mytex Polymers US Corp. /Chemtrusion, Inc.) is committed to:


*                Identifying, employing, measuring and reviewing objectives and planned activities to achieve continual improvement of its Quality, Laboratory Testing, and Environmental Management systems.


*                Meeting or exceeding customer requirements, regulatory and other applicable requirements and expectations.


*                  Providing appropriate levels of laboratory quality testing and ensuring that all testing and related calibration activities are performed using good professional practices in accordance with documented procedures.

*                Protecting the environment by enhancing our environmental performance: preventing pollution and minimizing other adverse environmental impacts resulting from activity at MPCI.


*                  Utilizing safe value-added processes to maintain an injury-free and efficient work environment while providing dependability for employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

*                Communicating the foregoing policies within the organization and requiring all personnel to comply with and satisfy the associated procedures that are documented in MPCI’s management systems in support of achieving and maintaining compliance to the following standards:  ISO9001, IATF 16949, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 14001.